Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Transition time

Still can't believe that little man is 2 now.

I've started spending a lot more time with some of the guys that are in my Bible study and man has it been refreshing. It's just great to come along side and encourage them in their depth of understanding and their faithfulness. It's also super encouraging personally. Statistically things you teach you remember (and affirm) 90% of the time while things you hear only 10% of the time. I've definitely found in ministry that the more I pour things out (teach) the more I remember and affirm them in my own life. The more I talk about faithfulness and service and love the more I want to do those things better personally.

I've mentioned that I'm reading "No Impact Man." Good book so far. This guy has set out as a goal to live one year, as close as he can, with virtually no impact on the environment. No trash, no electricity, no carbon means no cars, no tv, and no toilet paper to name a few. I'll probably talk more as I get further but one thing in particular has been on my mind as I read, well, besides the obvious that we (our family) uses tons of trash and waste tons of stuff and are generally terrible stewards of the family. I've been thinking about his goal and the way he goes about it. He basically starts with a simple assertion, "I need to take care of the earth," and then he actually goes out and does it. For whatever reason, I seem to talk way more than I act. This guy begins something that is pretty hard, but he starts it nonetheless. Contrarily, I seem to talk about the Kingdom (Of God) life and how great it is, but sadly I just don't find myself acting like I truly believe it. I'm a commentator on truth rather than a partaker. I think I downplay my capacity to engage and make a difference; I fail to believe (outwardly) that it truly is more blessed to give than receive. I fail to act in like with the claim that "the least is the greatest." Not only do I just fail to live the kingdom life, but some days I just don't even try. Consider this a corporate confession.

Now I choose to act.

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izzy said...

I love Noah's cute little button eyes. And i love all the pictures of him and his sister <3