Friday, September 17, 2010

We're diseased

Yes I know that many of the pictures I put on here have nothing to do with the entry that follows. I'm cool with that; the kid is just cute and I can't NOT litter this blog with pictures of him.

Melissa and I are getting really excited for the beginning of the school year. We have a friend who has graciously been offering to babysit for us everyone now and then and last night we spent a few hours over some coffee and hot chocolate just talking about the next couple weeks and preparing our hearts for what is to come. I think maybe what we both didn't anticipate was that God had plans to search our hearts and dig deeper as to certain fears that we both have and how we can allow Jesus to minister in those areas.

We spent significant time talking about father/daughter and father/son relationships and how we've been affected by those. See, we know that all people are affected in huge ways by their relationships with their parents, but, at least for me, I just don't think about it very often. We just don't spend enough time trying to become more aware of the patterns and thoughts of our hearts. We sort've just live without much thought. Last night God allowed us to dig really deep and expose certain things about the ways we work and think and love. It was great. I love my wife and know her to a far greater extent this morning than I did yesterday morning. And I was quite smitten with her already!

That God allowed us to have that time was perfect timing. A huge part of ministry is just an outpouring of our hearts into the lives of students and this university. We meet with students to just allow our love for Jesus and our zeal to overflow into their lives. We want to let them see our love and get infected with it. Through working through some of our deeper issues, God allowed his light and love to penetrate. Today we feel a greater awareness of him and a greater care for the world and its people that we did before. Let's hope it's contagious.

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