Monday, September 13, 2010

Noah's birthday!

We can't believe the little dude is two years old already! You know, I always thought those 'older' people that would say things like "cherish every moment because it goes so fast" were just people with misplaced priorities. Honestly. I just thought they didn't spend much time with their kids and they just look up and poof! their kids are bigger and they regret the time missed.
I've had a change of heart over the last two months, since Leah's birth. The thing with babies/toddlers is that almost every day they learn something new. It's just hard to keep up with. Daily Melissa says something to me like, "Did you know that now he says "hey dude?" Or "Yeah he has been doing this lately. You didn't know that?" NO, actually, I didn't because I can't keep up!
The little man is just awesome. Just plain awesome. A rather large part of my heart gets sad at school starting soon and "papa" having to spend more time away. I just don't want to miss a single thing.

What's he like now? Well he is quite a cautious little man. When we take him anywhere around other kids he usually just stands beside us for a good 10-15 minutes just taking everything in. I'd love to hear what's going on inside his head when he watches kids go bananas at the library or at a park. Eventually he'll join in buts its never the full-flight craziness that other kids seem naturally inclined towards.

He loves cars and trucks and points them out all the time. Big trucks or big cars especially get his attention.

The little man is really cuddly which is great for us! Hes like that with Leah as well, always wanting to give hugs and kisses. Mostly it's because he mimmicks everything we do, which is also quite fun. Also humbling, to be honest. Sometimes when I'm sitting there watching a game or something he'll just come sit beside me and watch. Not quite the family heirloom I'd like to pass down. Nothing wrong with tv, don't get me wrong, but I'd love the boy to have better/more constructive forms of rest. I'd like this big boy (me) to have better forms of rest as well.
He got lots of toys from his little birthday shindig yesterday. Last night he particularly liked the baseball bat and ball. We let the no throwing balls rule slide a bit last night and he had some fun with it. He also got cartrackthingamabob that he enjoyed. Hes sick today and was yesterday as well so hes pretty mellow but we could tell he liked all the new stuff. Man do I love that little guy.
On a totally different note: I've decided to start using a handkercheif. I'm fairly certian reading "No Impact Man" is going to make me a hippy. More on this soon, I just thought Noah's birthday warranted this post.

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kuch said...

Yeah at least he immitates you guys...Sam has started immitating our dog Chloe, he sniffs the grass, rolls around in the grass and today got down on all fours and licked the crumbs up off of the floor next to his breakfast chair.