Friday, July 02, 2010


Leah Noel arrived on Wednesday, June 30th at 9:00 pm! After having contractions on Tuesday night and going to the doctor on Wednesday morning, labor officially started around 10:30 on Wednesday morning. Baby Leah arrived late enough that Melissa's sister, Deb, could be there to help coach the harder labor. She (Deb) was great! She encouraged us to walk around and be active, which is what allowed Leah to be born so early.

Aunt Deb helped a TON through the labor and delivery process...
what a great big sister she is to Melissa
Right after delivery
Noah already loves his little sister
So happy about the toy Leah got for him!

We're in the hospital until this evening and everything is going well. Noah has enjoyed some time with his sister, but of course, probably doesn't really understand that she'll be coming home with us. He's enjoyed playing with toys to distract himself from the reality of his sister, but he does enjoy "crying" back at her when she cries. They're already "talking!"

I'm sure we'll have more to post as time goes on. It should be an interesting transition going from one to two kids. We'll find out. We're looking forward to seeing Leah's personality and how Noah handles being a big brother.