Thursday, September 09, 2010

Staff reconnect

I am increasingly finding that the more I get older the more introverted I become. That, to me, is strange considering I work with students all the time and I'm under pressure to become MORE extraverted. I just find myself longing for that alone time a little more than in the past. I just long for time with the Lord and perhaps my journal and my thoughts. Life just comes at us so fast and I desire more and more solitude and quiet.

We have started staff meetings again. We've spent a good amount of time in the Bible and in prayer for the upcoming year and just the unity and peace on our team. We've also had a fair amount of just community hangout time. I love these times. They also drain me quite a bit. Put me with 3 or 4 other people and I'm great. But put me in a situation with 20 or so people and I can become a bit drained after a time. With all the staff stuff recently let's just say I've been trying to fight to get alone. Also a difficult task with two kids under two.

I started a book that Melissa has been reading called "No Impact Man" and it's been pretty intriguing. His desire is to live an entire year having as little impact on our environment as possible. I've been dwelling on one thing in particular about the book that I'll talk about tomorrow.

I've heard the Buckeyes looked great last week. We missed the game because we don't have the Big Ten Network and with work starting up we all needed some family time. The transition to much more child-care has been ok for Noah but it seems he just really wants to soak up his mama and papa time more because he gets less of it. As for the Buckeyes this weekend should be good. Melissa has family that are Miami Fl grads and I'd like nothing more than bragging rights. One uncle continues to adamantly declare OSU's national championship in 2002 was a cheat because of a pass-interference penalty in overtime.

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