Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Life update

I'm still feeling a bit under the weather. Really just a lack of energy. Praise Jesus for java juice. Melissa is still on the verge; it'd really be great if she could avoid it as this is kind've a busy week. We've got lots of things to plan and order before we start our staff planning stuff on Monday.

I'm continuing to get ready for the year by bathing in the book of Acts, and somewhat less in Luke. I love Luke; and have for the past couple years. I just can't move on. I'm jumping around elsewhere every now and then (besides my regular 4 NT chapters a day to read the NT twice each year) but mainly I'm letting Luke/Acts sweep over me. I've begun work on my first four or five bible studies with the guys and I'm pretty excited about it. I really believe that one of the best things I can pass onto any student I come in contact with is a deep love and adoration for the Bible. If these students can fall into and live in this book I'm confident the kingdom of God will breakthrough in any sphere they enter. When the kingdom comes, so comes healing, so comes life to the fullest, so comes joy and peace and sacrifice and love and compassion. I pray all the time that they would love this book.

Other random Shadle family info:
-We gave Leah her first bottle today. Went really well. Still going to breastfeed but once school starts we'll need the flexibility.
-I finished my 17 mile run on Saturday. Ran the first 13 (a half-marathon!) in 1:45 and needed a bathroom pitstop which ruined the flow of my run. Originally that sentence said "needed a bathroom pitstop that ruined my flow" but I though perhaps that could be misunderstood:) All 17 I ran in 2:24. Running the full marathon in October in Columbus.
-We got out Noah's tricycle yesterday and he didn't quite get it. Maybe he's not there yet. He sat on it but couldn't figure out the steering or the pedaling; both of those are pretty important in riding!
-Staff report August 30th. Lots of community time, prayer, preparation, and connecting with God to ready our hearts for the storm that is Fall quarter at OSU. I hope to blog a bit about this.

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