Friday, August 27, 2010

Learning to jump

The little man doesn't quite have the hang of jumping quite yet. He does more of a leaning walk thing. Off this stool, at grandma's house, he wouldn't budge until someone stood close enough for him to grab onto for help. It's fun watching him turn less baby-ish and more boy-ish each day.

One of Melissa's big hobbies these days is garage sales. She gets amazing deals on lots of kid stuff and it's way cheaper than some of my hobbies (running for instance). Plus one of the things Melissa loves doing is just being generous and giving what gifts she can and getting cute/good stuff for people with babies is a great way to do that. I love that about her by the way.
I mention this because we're heading to a church garage sale tomorrow morning. I say "we" because the church sales are the only ones that I can really get excited about. We've been to a few churches that have been selling some awfully good books for dirt cheap. You have to know what you're looking for, but we've found some good stuff.

I got a chance to connect with one of the guys I have mentored/discipled for 2 of the last three years and it was really fun. I've missed these guys a lot over the summer. This guy spent a significant part of his summer on a study abroad trip. It was really fun for me to hear him talk about the awesome gospel centered conversations he was having with so many people on the trip. When I think about where he has come from in his freshmen year to now on the verge of his fourth it makes me smile and be in awe at God's work and grace. Just like Noah is learning to jump, this man has learned to live a missional life.

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