Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our wonderful sense of entitlement

Something with our culture, but we have a ridiculously high sense of entitlement. It's like everything revolves around us and it's all about us.

I was in line at KFC tonight filling out our vouchers for free food (thanks oprah! And yes, you'll never, ever, hear me say that again) when this old couple walks in visibly upset. "Why can't you just redeem these?" the old lady thundered. "Well, we just have to great of a demand, we didn't account for this much publicity" replied the cashier.
"You don't have the food?!"
"No, we have the food, but only enough to sell today." He was a bit frustrated.
"Can't you just redeem ours, then?" She shot back.

I quickly looked around the store and found 5 other people either filling out their vouchers or standing in line waiting to turn theirs in. This old couple's audacity just floored me; it was like they didn't even see everyone else in the store with the same problem. And let's not forget they're getting food for FREE. Not only do they want it for free, they want it NOW. Sheesh.

"No, we can't just redeem individuals that request it or we'll still have the same problem because everyone here and elsewhere will also want to redeem theirs." The cashier finally replied offering them free drinks in the process. She snatched them away.

Another guy, that was filling out his voucher with me grumbled to me, "this really makes me mad." He walked away but I was going to joke, "Yeah, FREE FOOD coupons really make me mad too!"

Ps read Melissa's blog below, she's pretty stinkin funny.

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