Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yes drill sergeant!

Down... One... Hold... Down... Two...
This is what happens when mommy isn't home. We workout together.
Still having fun enjoying Luke. I'll be posting more thoughts about it in the days to come I'm sure.
Melissa and I have been watching a bit of tv together lately. Actually, we've watched virtually nothing on an actual tv, we watch almost everything online. Nbc.com and the like has become our television. We'll probably watch 24 tonight (so no spoilers!), though to be honest I don't really like the show that much anymore. It's become kind've old hat. I'm secretly (not so anymore I suppose) hoping Jack dies this season so it'll just end. We also liked Heroes at the beginning but now that's also become rather dull. I'm rooting for Sylar to kill everyone; is that bad? My favorite show currently is probably Survivor, which is surprising to me. I hate the scheming and manipulation, but I tend to love the moral struggle. JT this past week, for instance, you could tell he was in turmoil. Do I stab these people just to put myself in a better position to win the money? It's crazy the things people will do just to win a game. Integrity, nah, who cares? It's just a game right? Often I wish I was on that show just to be someone that was actually honest the entire time. And another show we just watched a couple episodes of is "What would you do?" They create these situations (teenagers vandalizing a car, passed out drunkman, people without money for gas etc) and then see what people will help and others that ignore people or issues. I also love the moral struggle in this show. The host sometimes traps people and says things like, "why didn't you help?" The answers are typical, "it wasn't my place" or "I was scared" or "what could I do?" It's ridiculous, really. I should probably not watch that show because it only infuriates me more about the american culture. Sin, really, is what makes me cringe watching that show. Are you serious, some lady just passed out on the street and you're going to continue to walk right past her?! Their are black kids sleeping in a car in the park, while white kids spray-paint a car in the parking lot and you called the police on the black kids?! Are you for real? Ok, rant over. Check it out though, if you don't believe sin is real and people are ridiculously selfish that show may make you think.
On a totally unrelated note, I loved the Browns draft. They trade down multiple times, which I liked, and then they drafted guys I also like. Everyone keeps complaining about our draft but I don't get. Our first three picks were all academic all-americans, and all super high-quality guys. Those are guys I want to root for. Compare it to the Bengals draft, for instance. They drafted a bunch of character question-mark guys with extreme athleticism. Sure, they may be better pros, but do you really want to root for them? I like what Mangini has done so far, and I didn't think I'd say that. I like the Robiskie and Massaquoi picks because Braylon is gone next year at the absolute latest. Receivers need time to grow, rookie WR's simply don't get it right away. I like the Mack selection. The guy was the best C in the draft, a position we need, and he'll anchor our line with J. THomas and Steinbach for the next 5-10 years. Even Veikune I like. And then they grabbed a FA rookie QB in Graham Harrell, who himself was an academic all-american. See a trend? I read an article about the way the Browns partially evaluated Mack. They taught him a bunch of plays, then they watched film for a bit, and then had him meet a bunch of coaches and current players. As these coaches were questioning him with things, they immediately starting quizzing him on the plays they talked about 30 minutes ago to see if he could learn quickly on the fly. Obviously they care about smart guys and I'm down with that.

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