Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Sleeping Beauty

This picture is great because of the curly hair flipping out at the sides. Actually, when we were in Canton someone asked Melissa if we curled his curl. Huh? Curl a boys hair? Is that actually done?

Funny night again last night with Melissa. When I came to bed (about 20-30 minutes after her), I walked into the bedroom and she shot straight up in bed. It was like the Undertaker from WWF if you know what I mean. She said "are you my husband?" I kind've laughed and said "yeah babe it's me." Then when I got into bed she said "Come here sweety pie" and gave me a kiss. Hilariously she remembers none of this. Still, the best part was five minutes later. I was laying on my back, and rolled over, with my back to her. She immediately, and I'm talking 1 second here, cups both her hands over both my ears. It scared the jeepers out of me. She said "Be careful, if he reaches to far sometimes he falls over and hits his head." I said, "ok, thanks honey, I think he's ok." She responded, "oh, ok." I laughed for a minute or so and then finally got some sleep without getting mauled, praise Jesus. I love my wife. Pray for me that she doesn't ever totally hallucinate and hurt me or anything.

Should be a good day today: support calls, daddy time, a bit of cleaning, a few errands, and a few support organizational things.


A Jam C said...

dude, I can totally see the resemblances to Melissa in that picture.

Your wife scares me.

Meredith said...

I still think you should set up a video camera ...