Monday, April 27, 2009

Great morning, great day!

Again I'm excited it's Monday. Thank you Lord for newness. Thank you for the moment by moment and day by day renewal that can be found in you. Thank you that you make all things new. You are a King worth serving.

I spent a good deal of time reading Luke this morning. What a glorious book! For whatever reason, I often forget why I do what I do. That, or I just simply make my relationship with God more about ministry and doing things rather than just enjoying the historical person of Jesus. The book opens with Jesus' proclamation of freedom for captives. The day of the Lord's favor, he says, has arrived! Then he models, teaches about, and embraces to His death, the upside-down kingdom. This upside-down kingdom is something, sadly, that I have given shockingly little credence to lately. For me, life has been about a power struggle in many ways; power and authority in the house, and power and authority with other Christians at church. My pride has elevated myself and demanded respect, admiration and worship, really. In complete honesty and brokenness, my heart has been crying, "I am a missionary, give me respect, look up to me!" Add along that the part of me saying, "Woe is me! We are raising support in this economic climate; I will mope around and hang my head. Perhaps that way we will get attention; perhaps we will get compassion." The wretchedness of my heart makes me virtually sick to my stomach. My selfishness and pride are crushing me. But Christ, this morning in Luke, has met me and tore that part of my heart wide open. He proclaims that greater is he that serves; the humbled shall be exalted, the weak shall be made strong, the one who is broken and crushed, he will be exalted. The least shall be greatest, and he that serves will be the most.

Lord, let me be the least; let me serve and love. Let me not look at Melissa and others and think "what has she done for me today?" but let me embrace the cross, embrace meekness, and declare "what can I do to let her know I love her? What can I do to let her know you are crazy about her and adore her, father?" Let me be broken; let me be a servant. Let me lay aside my rights, lay down my authority, lay down my pride and pick up your love. Let love flow from me in moments I am betrayed, and in moments in which my heart is crushed. Make me strong in you to passionately and vigorously love those that are nailing my very hands to the cross. Let me embrace those that spit in my face.

So, I urge you to consider setting your eyes on the freedom giver today, as I have. Behold, He is making all things new! Make our hearts new, Lord!

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A Jam C said...

Hey Bart, I just wrote something about my trip. Thanks for the prayer. I definitely need it.