Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Conference

December 28-January 1st is always a favorite time of year of mine.

We're currently at Christmas Conference in Indianapolis. It's essentially a gathering of 2000ish college students from around the Great Lakes area who meet to see and savor Jesus. And to have a stinkin good time. I enjoy so many things about the conference. The worship is always rockin, the fellowship refreshing, and the decisions for more of Christ, from believers and non, always numerous.

It was a great reminder of our job description and life when we were introducing the conference. Simply, we know how to throw a good conference. We know how to get people excited and to throw a good party. We're great masters of ceremony. Yet, the reality of anything we do is that apart from Christ intervening in our space and lives and time, we've essentially wasted a lot of time and money. Christ needs to reign and needs to be uplifted in both our hearts and the hearts of these 2000 students. Would you pray for that?

I'll try to post a few times, but the schedule is pretty packed, so who knows.

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