Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blog name? And me!

Apparently everyone has these catchy names for their blogs.  I'm not a big fan of the current name, so if anyone has any good suggestions bring em on!

And I figured I should maybe talk a little about what's going on in my life, as this seems to be the main reason many people read blogs.  (As an aside, how self-absorbed is our culture that we create websites to talk about ourselves?)

Here's a picture of my family:

Not sure why, but I look a bit chinese in that picture, but oh well.

Melissa and I have been married 3 years now, with our fourth coming up in May.  Kinda cool being married, but I'm sure I'll post quite a bit more on that later.

Noah is 3 months old, born on September 13th.  It's crazy being a father.  I think just recently it's started to hit home that I really am a dad now.  Seriously, for the first couple months it just felt like we were long-term babysitters, but since he started smiling at us and recongnizing us, it's opened entire new avenues for him in our hearts, and I've taken being a "daddy" a lot more seriously.  He's becoming a lot more relatable, so we're just excited to spend time with him.

We work at Ohio State with Campus Crusade for Christ.  We've been with them for three years now and are currently raising support to begin our ministry.  Kind've a stressful time, but faith-stretching nonetheless.  I'm sure I'll post much more on that later as well.

For now, I just need a blog name.  Any suggestions?

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Meredith said...

How about "Bart the fart the big fat potato tart".
Remember that??? LOL!