Monday, December 29, 2008

Penn Says..

Penn Jillette is a pretty prominent and outspoken athiest. For those that don't know, Penn Jillette is the guy from the Penn and Teller comedy shows and tour. They've been on various things all over the place.

This story was pretty cool to me. Check out the video below:

If we believe heaven and hell are real, if we believe that eternal life is a reality, how much do we have to hate others to not tell them about it? How much do we hate someone to not tell him a truck is bearing down on them, destined for collision?

He says at the end, "I know there is no God." He says it with such certainty. Something tells me if more people reach out to Penn in love and grace and mercy and truth he will begin to come around. "Something is different about these 'Christian" people'", he'll begin to think.

And something is different. Something is radically crazy about the early church that they would heal and mend those with the plague, knowing they were embracing their own death, but with a single focus only on helping those in need for the honor and glory of Christ. Something is radically crazy about Jim Elliott and many alike missionaries embracing their own death to reach notoriously violent and barbarous tribe with love and mercy.

I'm glad I'm one. And I want to be what Penn calls a "good man". I want to share the cure and purpose for life rather than selfishly hoard it to avoid social awkwardness. Join me.

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Enjoying your blogs, keep them coming!