Friday, November 21, 2014

The Week's Best

Here is the best stuff I've come across this week:

26 Pictures of the Universe that will give you pause.

Great post on preaching Christ through the Old Testament.  This is a good caution for all the gospel-centered-everything people.

Ever wonder how long Jesus was actually dead?  Was it 3 days?  How could he die on Friday and raise Sunday and it be 3 days?  This post'll help.

The NIV Application commentaries are still only 4.99.  Check these out.

Here is a good post on the way Matthew gives hints in his writing.  This is why we should always use cross references.

A good theology of Space is always a needed reminder.  By space I don't mean outer-space, but place.

And here is a good word on the reality that Every loves authenticity, until they're the ones that needs to be authentic.

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