Friday, November 14, 2014

The Week's Best

Here is a collection of the best things I've come across this week:

Every single one of the NIV Application Commentaries are on sale for kindle.  These are superb commentaries, and I would urge you to consider buying a few.  These are great deals on great resources.  This series' strength, as it's properly named, is in making the bible applicable to the reader.  This is a great series for teaching, preaching, or even just personal devotion.

Ever feel like you heard a decent sermon, but it just seemed to be lacking a little something?  The Mission Ingredient in Many sermons talks about what that little something may be.  I think he is right.

3 Ways Evangelism can be more believable is a great little blogpost much needed for many who actively share their faith.  Really good insight here.

Skip across those cross references?  Think again!  Too scandalous for direct speech talks about how you're probably missing crucial information.

12 Ways to make and keep friends.  Title speaks for itself.

And finally, no post has gotten me thinking more this week than The Idolatry of Missions.  It's allowed the Holy Spirit to stir up many things in my heart, pride and prejudice (not the movie, but the actual presence) chief among them.  Really good read.

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