Monday, September 01, 2014

The past couple of weeks

Where has the time gone?  It's been many days since the last post.  Not sure how, but time is just flying right by.  I can't seem to keep up.  Between school and a new schedule forming for our jobs, it's been challenging to adjust.  Plus an all new group of people to work with.  I think if I remember the numbers correctly there are 46 adults and 40 kids.  I might actually have most of the kids' names down. I'm getting there with the adults.  Priorities, right?

Here is some of what's happened:
Bart flew to Ohio for 3 days to do a wedding
Homeschool is in full swing
Our schedule is getting busier as we gear up for the program we're doing
We had a 2 day retreat on the beach two weekends ago
Noah has started play therapy
I have started counseling
We're sharing strep throat in our family (Yay!)

I had a whole post written out.  The above is what survived.  It was a few days in the works.  We don't seem to have much energy for much, blogging included.  Out of anger, I refuse to re-type what I had written.  That and I can't really remember the profound words I had written.  Shocker.  That's ok.

So for now, I leave you with pictures.  It is our, or my, desire that I would have the energy and find the time to sit down and write more about where our hearts are.  It's sometimes scary to think about honestly doing that.  But before I go any farther.....
The kids have grown leaps and bounds with swimming
Their new trick is that they love to swim through our legs
Meeting Pooh and Tigger was so exciting for them
Leah was hilarious meeting Cinderella.
She kept tucking her hair behind her ear
as if she were nervous!


Judy said...

still praying

Praveen RS said...

I like this blog very much
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