Monday, June 30, 2014

A Happy Birthday!

Today is Leah's birthday.  4 years old.  How did this happen?  To think that our youngest is already 4 is crazy.  She's our wild child.  Our rule breaker.  Our challenger.  Our negotiator.  Our yeller.  Our diva.  She brings all kinds of life to our family.
Leah petting Uncle Ray's dog, Dolly.

Today we went to my brother's camp-site to play at the playground there.  In the time we've been out of the country, he purchased a new mobile home type camper and they have a boat now.  Last night he invited us to take a ride on the boat.  The kids were loving it and it was a nice refreshing little ride.
Noah driving the boat.  He had to slow it down to feel comfortable.

Leah did surprisingly well giving gifts this morning to Noah and Bart.  Her and I agreed she would get me something in Florida so we didn't have one more thing to pack.  She didn't complain about not getting anything and seemed excited for them.  Noah loved getting some new cars and Bart got a personalized mug.  Small and simple.
Noah and his 2 new cars.
Proudly presenting her mug to Papa
We also went to McDonald's today for Leah's birthday.  Her request.  It's on the water (we even got to ride past it last night on the boat) and we were able to feed the geese and ducks after we ate.  They loved it.  Goslings, ducklings, and many adults.  It was really fun.
Riding past McDonald's on the boat
The past few days have been a little stressful leading up to the move to Florida. We are trying to figure out what will fit into both cars and don't want to weigh them down a ton.  So far we've been able to fit all of our suitcases and now it's down to fitting everything else.  I'll try to remember to take pictures, but no promises.
Eating at McDonald's today.

The goal is to leave tomorrow morning around 6:30 or 7:00 at the latest.  We have the trip all planned out, but we're going to just be flexible and hope for the best with traffic and construction.  My parents do have walkie-talkies that they're letting us borrow so that should hopefully help with communication between us driving 2 cars.  We're not looking forward to the drive separately, but I'm sure we'll manage with the help of lots of movies.

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