Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hocking Hills

We went to Hocking Hills a few weeks ago.  For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a place in the middle of nowhere in Ohio.  Hills, rocks, rivers, waterfalls, nature, scenery, seclusion.  It was a mini getaway for our family.
You can't go hiking without walking sticks

We got a little cabin.  We went the cheap route.  Never again.  The kids shared a full size bed.  Bart and I shared a twin size futon.  Terrible idea.  There's a reason we shared the futon.  I promise.  Everyone we've told thinks we're a bit crazy for doing it.  But it worked out fine.  Sleep is sometimes overrated.
Looking down to where we had just climbed from.
We did go hiking a couple of times.  We all really enjoyed it.  The first morning we went it was a bit cold.  It had been snowing.  In April.  I know.  Welcome to Ohio.  Good old, bipolar Ohio.  We didn't have coats or hats or gloves or anything.  Ah, just go with it.  We're here, so we'll wing it we thought.  We survived.  With all of our fingers and toes intact.  It wasn't THAT cold.
It was beautiful.  The snow on the trees.  Driving through the hills and curves.  It was so serene.  We went to Cedar Falls and Ash Cave.  Both were great.  The water was so clear.  Were it not so cold, we would've been splashing in it.  To be in a place so calm, so pure, so untainted was really refreshing.

We saw deer, 4 of them, right in the driveway as we were leaving the cabin one day.  They just stared at us.  To get to experience nature in the few days we were there was just what we needed.  To get away from the city.  Away from the busy-ness of life.  To get away from staying with other people and invading someone else's life.  It was priceless.  We had our own space.  At least for a few days.

I can't wait to go back.  To go hiking.  To feel the burn of traversing miles of trails.  Probably not with the kids.  Maybe for our anniversary.  Our hearts need a rest from our current reality.  To just be in nature and be able to connect with each other and even the Lord in the midst of his creation, we need that.  Oh how I wish it would come soon.

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