Monday, December 02, 2013

Thanksgiving, sickness and an engagement

Well, our team celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday.  It was chaos, but isn't that the norm for the holidays?  We had breakfast at the girls' place and various people were making food throughout the day.  Some people were playing games, others watching movies.  Then sometime around 3:30 we had "lunch."  Then there was a lot of joking and commiserating about how terrible people felt for eating so much.  So of course we decided to bust into the desserts.  Why not?

On Friday I started to not feel very well.  Since Noah had been sick and Bart seems to pretty much live in a permanent state of sickness, I knew Leah and I were in for it.  That night I had a ridiculous fever and slept with 3 blankets.  Yeah, you read that right.  Joy.  Saturday was spent mostly just hanging out and when I got the energy I would clean up some of the Thanksgiving mess.  In shifts.  I'm feeling better.  After gargling with salt water and utilizing the netty pot, I feel a lot better.  Plus not having a fever helps a lot too!
The gals from left front: Kristin, Vanessa, Zuri
In the back: Lilly, Melissa, Megan, Ali, Sarah, Julieta
Tradition says there needs to be a silly picture also
On Friday night on of the guys from last year's team, Brian got engaged.  Bart was able to Skype with him in the morning and they chatted a bit before the big event.  It was fun for us to know beforehand since he's almost like an adopted son since we've known him since his freshmen year of college.  We knew him before Noah was born!  So last night (Sunday) a few of us we able to Skype in for their engagement party.  It was pixely and hard to hear, but we enjoyed it nonetheless!
Noah telling Ali that her hair looks like Snot Rod (an
orange car from the Cars movie).  She wasn't sure how
to take that.  But he also told her that her pumpkin cookies
were really good, so maybe that made up for it?
Tonight, Kate arrives for the encouragement trip.  Aaron will hopefully arrive tomorrow after being delayed due to some passport issues.  So this week w
And watching Elf after a long day of cooking and eating
(yay for the ministry projector!)

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