Thursday, December 05, 2013

Off we go

Tonight at 8:00 our team catches a bus to go to the bus station.  To catch another bus.  An overnight bus to Maracaibo.  This bus ride will be anywhere from 9-12+ hours.  And freezing.  They crank up the a/c.  So we're wearing warm clothes and have a blanket.  Please pray for us.  It might be terrible in general, let alone with 2 kids!

We'll arrive in Maracaibo, another city in Venezuela, in the morning and then will have to grab taxis to the places we're staying.  Staff conference starts at lunchtime tomorrow.  And will go until Monday after dinner.  We have a lot of meetings and interactions with staff from all over the country.

Then on Tuesday morning we will leave for our visa trip to Aruba.  It will be the first time out of the country for all of the team together.  We're going with the Stint team from Maracaibo so there will be 18 of us counting the kids.  We were able to find a house with a guest house that we can all stay in together.  Since we'll have 3 cars between all of us, and no phones, that will make things much easier to coordinate.   The house has a pool and it's right across from the beach, so in theory, we don't need the cars much.  Fingers crossed.

We're really hoping Aruba will be really relaxing.  After all of the sickness (I've developed something wonderful and new with stomach stuff), it will be nice to have some down time to just get to rest.  I'm hoping for lots of great sleep, even though we'll be sharing a bed with Leah!  Would you pray that the travel over the 11 days goes smoothly?  We will fly back to Maracaibo from Aruba where we'll then jump on a bus hopefully that same night to come right back to Valencia.  All of that travel feels a little stressful for me (maybe because it might be a rough bus ride after my new sickness development today).  But we're hopeful.

Oh the joys of living overseas and having to take visa trips and having little ones (and sickness)!

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