Monday, September 05, 2011

Something about camping

Men have some interesting ways of connecting. Sure it's a broad generalization, but mostly women connect by spending time face to face in conversation. Men, on the other hand, seem to just need something to do together; we don't even have to talk.

Me and 13 other guys from south campus took a camping trip this past weekend. This was a time of refreshment, refocus on the Lord and his beauty, and just general fun. It really lived up to that.

These guys are great, and quite frankly I have to do very little to refocus their attention on ministry for this coming year. We talked a bit about what it means to be "ministers of reconciliation" and "ambassors for Christ" but these are things these guys already live out.

Honestly, that's what struck me most from the weekend. See, I knew most of these guys before they were like that. Before they had dreams of the gospel saturating and reaching every student on south campus they had quite other dreams--those much like your typical 19-20 year old male would dream about. Now, almost across the board, these guys have been reoriented to dream gospel dreams. To think and plan and talk about the way in which the kingdom of God can advance and the love of Christ can penetrate every sphere of life and culture.

I love these guys, and I'm humbled. God is good. I love my job.

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