Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Hobbit

You didn't think I would leave out sci-fi/fantasy did you?

This was my third time through this Tolkien classic and each time I think I love it more. I'll spare you the plot. What I seemed to mull over this time was something about Bilbo that seemed to resonate with me as well.

Bilbo is half Took and half Baggins. The Tookish side of him has the adventurous spirit (obviously because Took's are quite known amongst hobbits as a bit queer), while the Baggins side loves nothing more than the quiet and comfort of home. Often in his journey with the dwarves Bilbo would think of his hobbit-hole longingly. He was continually torn. "Why did I come on this dratted quest!"

I related to this split quite well. Parts of me want nothing more than to grab some hiking gear and just trek across the globe with my family. I'll hunt our food, we'll camp wherever we feel like stopping, and we'll share the gospel with anyone we meet. Even as I think about this I get excited. Yet I love the comfort and confines of home as well. I love coming home after a long, hard day and debriefing with Melissa. I love waking up in our pajamas and throwing some eggs in a skillet.

The adventurous/homely split made me think about lots of other things as well. I'm afraid in to many aspects of my life I allow the Baggins side of me to lead me toward inaction. That part of me fears being exposed, so I'll just remain apathetic. Anyone relate?


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Geeze said...

Kinda weird how much I relate to this.