Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Fun times!

So I know this is technically Bart's blog, but I just wanted to post a couple of fun things. I've been feeling the baby move and kick the last couple of weeks. Well, last night, Bart actually felt the baby move a few times also! It was fun for me for him to be able to experience a little of what I experience. And it's crazy how it doesn't even matter that it's our second child, the feeling is still pretty amazing. To think that God designed this whole process is just mind-blowing. So cool. And our little dialogue after he felt the baby move went a little like this:
Me: Cool huh?
Bart: Uh, it's a little scary actually.
Me: Scary, like, you're going to have another child and you're not really ready for it?
Bart: Yeah.
Me: Or scary, like you're going to have another child and you're not really ready for the first one? :)
Bart: Yeah, that too.

It's such a funny process trying to figure out how we're going to be parents of 2 kids. Life just changes so much but it's good that we're honest about where we're at. Then shortly thereafter, the following dialogue happened after I turned over in bed and moved the covers:
Bart: Hey, stop stealing all the covers.
Me: Sorry, my fat butt just needs more blanket now.
Bart: Well, we both know it's not your butt that's fat.
Me: Yeah, I know.
Bart: It's your ears.
Giggling ensued. He loves to mess with me. And sometimes I let him.

Also, one other fun thing.....Bart will be giving his first talk at Real Life on Feb. 25th (we think that's the date). He's pretty excited about it. Giving a talk/sermon in front of potentially 700 people would be a little unnerving for me, but he's pretty pumped. So if you're in the Columbus area that evening, you should come hear him speak. I'm sure he'll do an amazing job. Let us know if you need more details.

Noah has been pretty sick lately. His temp was 101 yesterday but he's recovering nicely today. And it seemed as though he got behind in his talking in one day and just started busting out new words today. It's fun to try to translate what he's saying. But he now says somewhat coherently, shower, eyes, mouth, nose (this however sounds like no) just to name a few. And he says please in sign language all the time cause he wants something. What a fun age! We're excited to see how he responds to the baby.


Tim Kamau said...

I just landed on your blog while googling for Luke 1:3.
May God bless you and your young ones. Luke 2:52.

Tim Kamau, Nairobi, Kenya

A Jam C said...

I regret to inform you that you're going to have a second boy.