Friday, January 08, 2010


We've had some snow the past few days so we decided to have some fun with it. Noah gets pretty upset when we try to bundle him up in his snow suit, but after a few minutes of wrestling and tears, we're ready to go out. Once we get outside, he's totally content, even if he just stands there. Melissa's mom found a sled for us so he enjoys being pulled around in that. Unfortunately I have a tendency to kick some snow in his face on occassion, but he handles it well. He's such a cool little dude.

Speaking of cool little dudes, he has at least 1 of his molars in, 1 half in and 2 working their way in and he's been a trooper. Sometimes he gets extra cranky, but for the most part, he handles it like a champ. He apparently has a pretty high pain tolerance or something. We're ok with that.

My mom got us a potty for him for Christmas, so we've been having him sit on that every once in a while. Ideally he'd be potty trained before the baby comes so we're going to be working on that. No real training yet, though. Just sitting on it to get comfortable with his throne.

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