Tuesday, July 07, 2009

What's ahead:

You sly dog...
Heading home tonight for my brother's wedding on Saturday. Should be good times seeing all the family. We play a ton of games, for good and for bad. Meaning, for instance, my mom said she got about 5 people together to play a game of "rail-baron" a few days ago and it broke out in fights and other nasty stuff. On one hand we're spending time together, but on the other perhaps it's not the most edifying time to be had. I plan on golfing a few times over the week and it should be interesting because I haven't golfed in maybe two years. I may have went last year but I just can't remember.
We're trying to set up some support appts and work on MPD while we're there as well. If you could pray for this that would be awesome; for the obvious reasons, whenever Melissa and I are with family we seem to not be very productive. We want to remain faithful to our MPD (ministry partner development, or support raising) while we're there nonetheless. I plan on leaving a few mornings to head to Mcds for some coffee and MPD time.
Melissa's last day at the law firm is today. We're excited to move on to the next chapter of our lives. We have enough support to raise our paychecks to livable standards, so she turned in her notice about a month ago. They're going to be sad to see her leave undoubtedly. She has been an off (Baku, OSU) and on pillar for that accounting department for 5 years or so. We will both miss things about that place and hopefully we can stay in touch with some of the people there.
After my brother's wedding is Columbus for a week or so and then off to Colorado for a national CCC conference. Should be hectic. Fun, but hectic.

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