Monday, July 20, 2009

Crazy few weeks, and it's getting crazier

My brother got married last weekend. The week prior we spent a great deal of time in Canton hanging our with the family, and it was a really great time. We golfed a bit, played some games, and learned the thriller dance. It was a bit like my childhood actually...

The wedding was a lot of fun. Everyone was super stressed, which is always sort've fun for me. Sometimes I think I should be a firefighter or ER doctor or something because often when people around me start freaking out I get unnaturally calm. I remember one time Melissa and I were driving home on a rainy night and at an on-ramp we started to spin and hydroplaned 180% so that we were now facing oncoming traffic. On an on-ramp! Melissa was driving and obviously panicked. I just sort've calmly said, "everything's ok baby." I put the car in park because we had stalled and then I said, "We have to restart it," and she did. It was a pretty cool time for me. I was just ridiculously calm and she started up the car and we turned around and drove away.

I was like that for the wedding and other events. Everyone was bouncing around stressing and anxious and I sort've leisurely strolled around enjoying the day. I hope my brother enjoyed the day as well.

If that flower doesn't say "laid back" I'm not sure what does!

Great time seeing the nieces also. Lots of cute pictures I'll probably post hereafter.

This week has been spent packing and getting everything ready to head to Colorado State University for 10 days for Campus crusade's staff conference. It's always fun traveling with a baby. Pfft.

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