Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Clues for God - 3

Our anniversary trip was amazing. More on it in a bit...

The Third clue is this:

"There is something about nature that is much more striking and inexplicable that its design. All scientific, inductive reasoning is based on the assumption of the regularity (the "laws") of nature, that water will boil tomorrow under the identical conditions of today. The method of induction requires generalizing from observed cases to all cases of the same kind. Without inductive reasoning we couldn't learn from experience, we couldn't use language, we couldn't rely on our memories.

Most people find that normal and untroubling. But not philosophers! David Hume and Bertran Russell, as good secular men, were troubled by the fact that we haven't got the slightest idea of why nature-regularity is happening now, and moerover we haven't the slightest rational justification for assuming it will continue tomorrow. If someone would say, 'Well the future has always been like the past in the past,' Hume and Russell would reply that you are assuming the very thing you are trying to establish.

To put it another way, science cannot prove the continued regularity of nature, it can only take it on faith.There have been many scholars in the last decades who have argued that modern science arose in it most sustained form out of Christian civilization because of its belief in a all-powerful, personal God who created and sustains an orderly universe. As a proof for the existence of God, the regularity of nature is escapable. You can always say, 'We don't know why things are as they are.' As a clue for God, however, it is helpful" (Keller, 132)

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