Friday, April 24, 2009

Time with Savvy (posted by Melissa)

Awww, how sweet.....and then there's the mauling.
Sorry, he's a boy. What do you expect?
And no, her name is not Savvy. It's Savannah, but Bart is convinced that he should call her Savvy. It should get more fun for the 2 of them when they can actually interact instead of us just shlumping them together for a picture.

I'm excited to say that in 2 short weeks, I will be cutting back to just 2 days a week at the law firm. We need the extra time to work on support. With having Noah, that complicates things, so it will help Bart have an extra day to get things done. And we're hoping I will be done all together in July. We just really want our support to come in. Please continue to pray for us. We really want to be doing ministry as soon as possible.

On a side note, anyone ever have trouble at night doing weird and random things that you're not wanting to do? It seems like it's becoming almost a nightly occurance where I am grabbing Bart or pulling the covers thinking Noah's in bed with us. And he never is! Am I losing it? Is it sleep deprivation? Any recommendations? Anyone else have this problem? Last night I remember in the middle of one of my excursions "looking" for Noah, Bart said "he's in his crib." I'm glad one of us is sane at night.

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