Thursday, April 23, 2009

Little bit of everything

Oops! I think I left him a bit to long in his high-chair. Poor little buddy.

We had a tough day yesterday, him and I. He was just sort've cranky all day; as was I. Not good naps, didn't eat very well, and a few times he just threw hissy-fits if I took something away from him (like the computer cord or the camera). By the time Melissa got home from work, I admit I was relieved to pass him off. Perhaps that's not the greatest of servant-hearts, but I was cooked.

We just got back from Canton over the weekend, and we really had a good time. It was also a pretty productive weekend with support, so that's encouraging. We got to spend time with Savannah, Noah's 4 month old cousin, so that was nice; I'll have Melissa post some picture of the two of them, cause they sure are cuties. It was also nice to hang with the family. My brother had his "man shower" while the women went to his fiance's bridal shower. Really, we just played poker and ate meat; what could be more manly than feeding our faces carnivorously?

Currently I weigh 202 lbs, and feel pretty good about it. My goal is to be around 185ish by July, or at least that's what I set my goal to be on the WiiFit. The average is something like -2.7 lbs every two weeks, which is definitely doable.

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Meredith said...

That is so cute!!!!! We miss you guys so much already. I wish we lived closer and could see you more - and have Noah and Savannah get together often!