Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I'm back to reading "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn again. Long book, but man is it good. I took a hiatus for a while. I tend to do that with a vast majority of the books I read. The reader of this blog should note that as a strike to both my perserverance and my flight from procrastination. My how my inadequacies abound!

I long for Heaven. I've been dabbling with the idea of brainstorm-writing narratives I keep imagining about Heaven. Fear, doubt and self-preservance have stopped me I believe, but I think perhaps I will do it soon. Some encouragement might help ;) Many books have been written about our eternal destination, a few accurately and many more terribly inaccurately, but I think I will enjoy it, so be on the look out for those in the next couple weeks.

We're heading to Canton this weekend, which should be fun. I'm going to try and sneak away in the mornings to get some work done, so I think the blog updates should remain, so keep coming back! My brother is having a "man-shower" while his betrothed has a much more traditional bridal-shower. I think we're playing poker, but I'm not sure. I haven't played poker in ages so this ought to be interesting. We also have about 5-7 support appointments this weekend, so if you could be praying for those, we would appreciate it a great deal. That's the most we've had in a while, so we're excited.

Thanks for reading. I'm humbled when I hear people actually read this thing. We are so blessed to have so many people around us that love us dearly. You shine the glory of Christ in our lives in that we deserve no friends and the wrath of God, yet get His grace in your friendships. Thanks.

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