Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Thoughts, and my favorite picture

What a great picture.

A few things I'm thinking about today:

My wife is amazing. She has been in a "biggest loser" competition with others at the law firm she is working at part-time while we raise support. Today was the final weigh-in and she won by a landslide. She lost around 13% of her weight, and all of her baby weight, plus a few pounds! I'm really proud of her. Now if she can just get her husband to buy into a weight loss plan....

Spring training has arrived and I'm pretty excited about it. I'm optimistic about he Indians this year. Odd years seem to work well for us ;) With Wood, Betancourt, Perez and Lewis I'm pretty confident we have one of the better bullpens in baseball. If Pronk and V-Mart can hit again I think we're serious World Series contenders. We have some question marks, namely our SP's beyond Lee and perhaps Carmona, but we always seem to have good SP's regardless. Kevin Millwood anyone?

I'm also a ridiculous fantasy baseball nerd. I love it. It's like nirvana for a statistician, which I seem to have a pretty big interest in.

Noah is spitting up like madness today. He is napping currently, but he just wouldn't stop this morning. He's sleeping on is stomach now and getting much more acquainted with "tummy time." He'll be crawling in no time.

I'll continue my "life story" tomorrow.


The Williams Family said...

Melissa, I love this photo!!!!

Bart Shadle said...

Hello williams family! I can't find your blog. What is the address?