Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Daddy Day

Tuesday-Thursday I'm a stay at home dad, which is kind've fun. I'll tell you what, I've definitely had to grow up quite a bit and stop being so selfish. Bad thing is I just take all my selfishness out on Melissa. Not good. Noah is so close to crawling. He is pushing himself up on his hands and knees at times, he just hasn't realized that he can move. I also think he is starting to learn how to manipulate us. We absolutely will not put up with that. Well, maybe Melissa will because she is overcome by his cuteness, but his cute factor only goes so far with me;) We got this idea from friends, but our parenting mantra is always "We will not negotiate with terrorists!"
We learned that he hates peas. We tried yesterday and he locked his mouth closed after gagging for a few minutes. His look was hilarious, "You tricked me!"

I put shampoo on my loofa (sp?) today. Anyone ever do that?

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Ann said...

I have totally done that. But you know you are really tired and distracted when you wash your hair with your body wash.