Monday, January 05, 2009


The Buckeyes play tonight and I'm pumped. Plan to sit at home and enjoy the game with my bride and our boy. Should be fun.

I was so happy the Chargers won. In fact, I hope they win the whole thing. I would love for a team that started 4-8 to be crowned the best team in the NFL. And that's what I love about the BCS. It's kooky and a little biased sometimes, but it works better than the NFL's system and a playoff system in general does. Frankly, the NY Giants were not the best team in football last year, they weren't even close, probably not top 5, yet because they got hot at the right time of the year, they were crowned champs. I love college football and stomach the current system because I HAVE to watch OSU vs Miami (OH), because if they lose, they're out. Every game counts. I love that slogan and that's why I'm ok with the BCS. Go chargers!

I'm actually in favor of a plus-one type system. Top four teams (probably again, determined by the BCS) match off 1 v 4 and 2 v 3 and the winners play. People will complain and argue that they're team got snubbed but if you're team's regular season doesn't convince the voters they belong even in the top four then you have no complaint. Anything more than a 4 team playoff would results in a watered down regular season, period. Imagaine OSU at 11-0 ranked number one in the country and because they have a guaranteed spot in the top, say 16, they can rest their starters against Michigan. Auburn lets it's starters play a half vs Bama because they've locked a spot? It would be inevitable. A bigger playoff would crush what is great about college football and that's the regular season and the rivalries.

Noah is getting huge. Really, it hasn't hit home that I'm a dad quite yet. He just doesn't need me for very much, and he really doesn't treat me any different than a stranger on the street because he smiles at everybody. And the common phrase that expecting dad's always here that, "when he's yours you won't mind so much", regarding his poop, is totally false. I gag just about every time. Call me lame or whatever but I'm one of those dads that needs a body suit when I change diapers. But man I love him.

Seriously I'll post on this past year soon.


Meredith said...

Oh great. I was hoping Ryan's gag reflex would disappear after getting used to a stinky diaper time and time.

Chris Smith said...

Your second paragraph about the Chargers and the BCS is booboo, your blog should be removed for it :), but your other paragraphs made up for it, especially your problem with the poop, that is hilarious!