Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Great Game

That was a great game tonight. Figured my adrenaline was pumping a bit so I may as well blog about it.

-I'm so happy for Boeckman, and really excited about the man he probably has become because of this year. For whatever reason, it takes years like he has had to humble us. Great game by him.
-It stinks that OSU fans will probably view this season as a down-one. Great year by these seniors.
-The Fox announcers are terrible. Just terrible. So many intense moments in this game and they acted like they were sleeping. Let another station have the game, Vasgersian is just no good. We had the ball on our 45 with 11 seconds left. We need 15 yards to be in field goal range and tie the game, yet all they talked about was how great Mccoy is (and he is, don't get me wrong) and what a big game Crosby had. The game is on the line!! Two huge plays remain (turned out to be one), and there was no excitement, nothing!
-Anyone else think they could take Darryl Dawkins or Vlade Divac in a 5 on 5 game? Just run up and down the floor a bunch those old guys are bound to croke.
-Malcolm Jenkins is awesome. Not many people realize the impact he had on this game since Texas only through his way maybe 3 times, all game. Texas was scared to death of him, and that makes the job of the other 10 guys that much easier. He shut down the boundary almost singe-handedly.
-I like seeing Buckeyes with scripture on their faces. Pryor's was Phil 3:14 and Laurinaitis's was Gal 2:20. Both great verses, look them up, you'll be encouraged.

And hopefully this game rekindles some respect around the country. I'm thinking it probably won't. Everyone will probably say Texas was flat and didn't show up, and still point out that we lost the game. Regardless, I think we can still play with the big boys. Next year should be fun, rebuilding years always are more fun for me for some reason.

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Chris Smith said...

Great blog and I totally agree with you about the announcers! We could have run the kick back to field goal range since they got that 15 yard penalty, the announcers were garbage!