Friday, November 07, 2014

The Week's Best

Having been sick, it's shorter than normal.  Yet, here is the best stuff I've come across this week:

Ministry isn't fair ministered to me this morning.  I need to hear this often.

Here is a great word on authenticity in prayer.  Why not just let it all out there?

This video shows that, yes, a bowling ball and a feather do indeed fall at the same rate in a vacuum.  Watch it.  And praise the creator of gravity.

This article on what it means to be a "real" Christian is very good.  "There is a visible difference between real and not-real Christians.  It's not enough to say you're real; you should be able to see you're real."

Exercise makes you good at life.  "You're brain is a lazy piece of meat, but take a brisk walk and it lights up like a lite-brite."

4 Ways to Speak the Gospel to each other is a good, needed word.

And, did you think Superheroes were only imaginary?  Think again.  They exist in San Diego.

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