Friday, October 31, 2014

The Week's Best

Here is the best stuff I've come across this week on the inter web:

Football fan?  Fan of prayer in sports?  Please take the time to read an outstanding post on prayer in football.  I wish contemporary Christian culture would dedicate some more time and thought to the questions posed in that excellent piece.

Here is a short interview with Tim Keller about praying through the Psalms.  My favorite part: "You can be very unhappy in God's presence.  The Psalms give you the permission to pour out your complaints that, without the Psalms, would probably seem inappropriate."

I read a great article on why car culture may have created the megachurch.  Makes you think about the me-centered way churches operate.

Chances are your teen is looking at porn.  But it's worse.  The statistics in this post are downright frightening.  My boy is 6.  God help us.  And him.

15 things to start doing by the time you're 30.  I'm 33, so I still have time.  I'm also delusional.

What men like in other men is just a fabulous article written in 1902.  How do we choose friends?  I particularly like that half the paper is addressing the truth that men don't like Sissies (and then goes on to define what exactly a Sissy is).

The unexpected sacrifices of the mission field struck quite a few chords in me.  This will be a good read for anyone either overseas, coming back, or planning on leaving.

The mirage of golden age christianity talks about how we should use caution when branding any particular time period (reformation, early church, present times, etc) as the most faithful.  We've always had problems in the body of Christ.  Yet another reminder that Luther and Augustine, just like us, need grace deeply and constantly.

This guy's humility astounds me.  I wish we all did great and honorable work without a mention of it.  50 years his story was unknown!

What Led you to Become an Atheist is filled with interesting material for anyone in ministry, or anyone just seeking to understand why people have decided to turn from the church.

And oh my goodness you've got to watch this:

Happy Halloween!

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