Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Week's Best

One of my favorite things that I've come across when reading blogs/websites etc, is when people have pointed me to other resources and helpful articles.

This is stuff I've come across this week, that may be fun reading (or buying!) for you:

When Dad doesn't disciple the kids is a good article on what happens when moms are left, essentially, "single" spiritually, and how they can respond.

6 costs of real friendships says: "Do you know how you "friends are doing?  How their hearts are?  The spiritual condition of their soul?  If we have no idea how our "friend" is doing in their walk with God, what difficult times they are going through, or the sins they are struggling with, we have a superficial acquaintance, not a friendship."

So many good Kindle deals on Biblical resources!

Many of the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary series on the New Testament is massively reduced: Galatians = 7.99, Matthew = 9.99, Ephesians = 5.99, James = 4.27, and Luke = 9.99.
An Old Testament Theology by Bruce Waltke is 9.99.
Tremper Longmann's an Introduction to the Old Testament is 7.99.
Then lots of good commentaries from the Expositor's Bible Commentary as well:

7 reasons some churches experience revitalization is good stuff.  Especially reasons 1, 3, and 4.

Not a religion, but a relationship? is a pretty strong critique against the whole "Jesus without religion" fad.  I recommend this strongly.

9 things everyone should do when reading the Bible is a great resource for those needing a pick me up in their Bible reading.

Here's an old blog post I ran into this week, but it was super interesting: Frequent Bible reading can make you liberal.

And I loved this random post I ran into of rare historical photos.  I particularly enjoyed the Windows 95 picture as I can remember the hoopla from that batch of software.

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