Sunday, August 03, 2014


We have a confession.  We got our Disney passes.  And we've gone a little crazy.  Blisters.  Sore legs.  Sunburn.  Exhaustion.  We've been to Disney.  See, one of the best things about the program we're doing this year at headquarters is that we get free Disney passes (well, free except that we get taxed on them).  And well, we figure we're here for a year and then we'll probably never go to Disney again, so we probably should take advantage.  Our kids are also at a great age for Disney, minus some of the more intense rides.
This is how we feel about arriving at Disney

I should be clear, this isn't the reason for the lack of posting.  It's more of trying to figure out how to entertain two kids who used to be able to entertain themselves.  Don't get me wrong.  We still try to make them do things without our interaction, but the "what can we do now?" phase is totally upon us.  And they haven't exactly handled the transition well, so that's been interesting to navigate.

But we've made a rule for Disney.  You have to try it at least once.  So there has been some screaming and defiance about some rides.  And we'll never ride them again.  But we tried them once.  We can at least say that.  So far the kids are really enjoying it.  It's pretty tiring for them though since we no longer have a stroller to give them a break.  Now they have to work for it.

We're feeling relatively settled.  We had been waiting for a while to get some things we had bought from people last year who lived in the apartments (the items were misplaced for a while).  Now that we have everything, we're getting a lot more organized.  Of course, our place always looks lived in.  We're just not one of those tidy families.  Chaos is how we roll.

It's also been great to be able to navigate the area a fair amount.  Between church, doctor appointments and Disney, we've ventured out of our area quite a bit.  Traffic is pretty much always horrendous which we're not a fan of, but we're figuring it out.  The toll roads are actually our friends, way less traffic.

We're reading.  We're swimming.  We're talking.  We haven't found a healthy outlet for date night, outside of going somewhere like Chick-fil-a.  But we're hoping to find something like Awana for the kids to do on Wednesday nights so we can have a built in date night.  We've found a church that both us and the kids love.  It's old school with hymns and an organ and much more formal than we're used to, but we're really enjoying it.

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