Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Coming back (an article)

We ran across this article a little while back and saved it for the purpose of returning to the States.  Well, that day has come upon us much sooner than we anticipated, but thought we would share it.  This isn't all inclusive, but it's a good start for people to understand a bit of how we are feeling.

Coming "Home"

The kids with Debora one last time

Tommy & Noah with our favorite
taxi driver, Jose

This McDonalds is about a 10-12 minute walk from us.
We have no idea what happened to the sign, but we hadn't
been by there in a long time so it might have had something
to do with the protests...

Bart with baby Isabela, trying to convince me that
we need another one

Bart & Tony finally doing the wishbone from Thanksgiving.
The winner gets to slap the other one.  Boys.

Our last full day we were able to go to a McDonalds
to celebrate Lucas' birthday (he's the one on the left in green).

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judy said...

Thank you for sharing. This visit down memory lane is familiar--still praying.