Saturday, February 01, 2014

A new month

It's February.  How did this happen?  In 1 month, we'll have the spring break group visiting.  A month from that, we'll have our annual national conference.  And a month from that, we'll be in our final month here.  Time just doesn't allow us to sit idly by.

There are so many things that don't allow us to sit, pause and reflect.  But sometimes we need to.  As I think about what has happened, what we've lost as a result of the deportation and re-entry, I have to grieve.  Something was taken away.  Maybe it was something small for some on the team, like my plans were simply messed up.  Maybe for others it was something bigger, like this was my home and I lost my vacation time and it was expensive, stressful, annoying (and on and on the list could go).  So how do we as a team figure out how to create a safe, healthy environment for everyone who is somewhere on this spectrum?

The answer is, we don't know.  What we do know is that God is good.  God is faithful and he provides.  Sometimes that means we don't have an answer.  Sometimes that means we don't have closure.  So we choose to rest in the truth that God is sovereign over all things.

That doesn't make team life any easier or community needs any less.  To be honest, we feel the weight of the team's struggle and we're doing what we can.  It has been rough for the team to know how to reconnect and know how to function well together.  Even jumping back in to ministry has been hard for some people.  It's transition.  And transition can often be hard.

Would you pray for our team?  Would you pray that through all of this that each person on the team would choose to move toward someone else on the team?  That intentionality would happen.  That vulnerability would happen.  That people would feel safe with one another.  We hope, we pray, that the last few months of the year together would be encouraging, challenging and that each person would be able to look back on all this Stint year with thankfulness.  And many other things.  But our desire is that this would be a year that changed people's lives, both on our team and with those we encounter.

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