Monday, December 23, 2013

Finding time

We're in Canton now.  Being in Waynesfield was good to have a lot of down time to chill and relax a bit.  We saw some family, but it wasn't overwhelming.  Now that we're in Canton, we're seeing a lot of Bart's family.  The kids are loving having a lot of other kids to play with and are still enjoying being able to take baths.  They were in the bath the other day for well over an hour.  This is now a special treat since baths don't exist in Venezuela.

It's getting colder here in Ohio, but surprisingly we're doing pretty well with the cold.  We were anticipating us all freezing while we're here.  But Leah's not even wearing long sleeves.  She's a trooper.  Their transition overall has been a huge blessing.  We are so thankful for how well the kids are doing right now.  They are still talking about going back to Venezuela, so that's probably good for their (and our) hearts.

At this point, it's hard to know how to spend our time.  We want to be around people, but we also know that we still need time to process and think through what has happened and what the future will look like.  We're still hopeful that we will return in January, but we're also a little anxious about how the team (and maybe even ourselves) will transition back to Venezuela.

Will you pray for us and for our team?  Would you pray that we would all use this time well and be wise with our time here in the States?  Would you pray that we process through all of the things going on and prepare our hearts for the coming weeks of re-entry in Venezuela?  We are grateful for your prayers.

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