Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Birthday!

We celebrated Noah’s birthday while we were in Curacao.  He turned the big 5!  He was so excited to get to spend his birthday with his grandparents.  It might’ve had something to do with presents though….
Loving the strawberry daiquiris
It was a fun day.  He decided he wanted to hang out at the pool.  He used to LOVE the beach but it has lost its luster for him, not that we can complain.  Who likes to take their kids to the beach and clean sand out of every crack and crevice?

Of course he got some great presents.  He’s been waiting months to see if Grandma and Grandpa were able to get him Chick Hicks and the King (from the Cars movie).  He has a very large obsession with the cars movies so we’re slowly acquiring pretty much any random car that could’ve had some sort of existence in one of those movies, even if it was just one sort scene.  Oh my.

Well Grandma and Grandpa can’t disappoint.  He did receive those cars along with a race track and some other fun things.  He was sooo excited.
Seeing his cars!
For dinner we had made reservations at the Japanese restaurant where they cook right in front of you.  We figured the kids would enjoy that.  And they did.  The guy even made the pasta in the shape of Mickey Mouse right in front of Noah.  Once the other 8 or so people around the table figured out it was his birthday, they had to sing to him (imagine a bunch of semi-drunk probably Americans singing without knowing his name).  J
Anxiously watching as they start to prepare the food
Then they brought out a cake for him and had taken a cantaloupe and carved the number 5 into it.  He was amazed that it was a cantaloupe in the shape of a 5.  And then we sang again (this time the other people at the table were gone).
It wouldn't be a birthday without a silly sister
Then we decided we wanted ice cream because, well, we had planned to just have a low key, light a candle and put it in dessert kind of night.  So we went to the buffet restaurant and got our ice cream, put the candle in and had a few random people try to sing with us, but at least it felt a little more intimate.  By that point though he was hiding and done with being sung to!   Poor guy.
Wait, you're going to make me wait to eat my melting
ice cream until everyone is done singing?

I think he had a good birthday though.  He’s so excited to be 5.  It’s been fun to really see his personality come out more in the last year.  He’s a perfectionist most of the time.  He very much loves distinguishing between right and wrong.  He is super sensitive and can be very emotional.  He makes great faces and tends to wear his emotions on his sleeve.  He loves to tease and joke around. 

One of his favorite things he loves to do at dinner every night are our hi’s and low’s.  He genuinely loves to hear what made us all happy or sad during our day.  He is just such a sweetheart.  And he’s at a really fun age where he’s asking what things mean all of the time, especially when we do school.  “Mama what does bear the loss mean?  Mama what does at peace mean?”  Great questions that he continually asks, more during school time, but in general too.

We’re so proud of him and the little man he is becoming.  He was super sweet in Curacao asking at different times questions about God and what God made and if God had painted everything.  Those moments with him are just really special because we get to see his tender heart and see how God is shaping him.
Going under the bridge

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