Tuesday, July 09, 2013

A first, amongst others

This past week has been a lot of recovering.  Leah recovering from her face being torn up and sore.  Me (Melissa) recovering (or trying to) from major neck/back pain.  Bart recovering from the valley of despair.  So this week has been a little rough.  Our air conditioner is officially pooped out.  It leaks tons of water when we try to turn it on.

But we decided to do something with the kids for the first time since we've been here.  We went to a movie.  Leah has never been to the theater and it was maybe Noah's 2nd or 3rd time, so this is a special treat.  We went to see Monsters University.  The only down side, it was in Spanish.  All of the kids movies here come out in Spanish and then you can potentially buy them later on dvd in English.  So we decided to go ahead and do it.  The kids loved it (minus Noah being scared at different points).  Noah seemed to follow basically what was going on in the movie.  I think Leah just loved being there.  It was a nice little break to have in the air conditioning.

Unfortunately it wasn't very fun to be home the rest of the day.  Our power was out for over 8 hours.  Now that in and of itself isn't terrible.  But when you live in a really warm place with no fans or air circulation, that can be a little rough.  We ate dinner by candlelight and it took a couple of collected hours to get it turned back on (there was some sort of miscommunication where the electric company turned off multiple people's power even though they had paid).  It's still on and we still don't have all of the details worked out, but we're hopeful, I think.  Fans not only keep us a little cooler, but help keep the mosquitos from biting as often.

One other fun thing we've been experiencing lately is that the kids have learned how to play the game of Uno.  At first, only Noah learned it, but it was pure torture for Leah to be excluded from playing so she learned.  She still doesn't know all of her numbers, but this is a quicker, funner way to learn them!  They ask multiple times a day to play and we can't really say no because it's a great learning experience.  They have trouble with the competitive aspect and always want to win, but we're working on being excited for the other person and just enjoying each other.  Leah has the hardest time with it.

Ministry is kind of non-existent at this point, but we're actually pretty grateful for that.  After 9+ months of going strong, we are just tired.  Dog tired.  And so we have the occasional meeting here and there and we will have this week our first summer Bible study for leaders.  The large weekly gathering still meets on Thursdays so that's a great touch-point with students, but we're so thankful for the break in the schedule.  July and August will be so low key.  We'll be able to really get to work on prepping for next year in many ways.  We'll be able to work on our support, hopefully with unreliable internet at times.  And we'll be able to have some great family time together.  That's always a good thing.

Will you pray for us though?  Will you pray we have a good attitude when things don't always go as we would like them to?  Would you pray that these next 2 months would be refreshing for our family and our hearts?  Would you pray for little things like our air conditioner getting fixed and consistently having power and water?

We're so incredibly grateful for those of you who care about us, who pray for us, who support us, who send us sweet encouragement notes.  It all really means the world to us when we feel so separated from the world and home we know and love.  We're so blessed.  And sorry for the lack of pictures to break up this post.  With our camera being broken, we can only take pictures as it decides to work!

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