Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Valley of Despair

With the summer project having been here, life has been crazy busy.  And then we have team members leave.  The consistency of life is totally thrown off.  Multiple things in our apartment broke around the same time (or have the appearance of being broken).  We're tired.  We have very little motivation.  The valley begins.

Luckily our valleys tend to coincide with each other.  And one of us needs to choose how to push through so we both don't totally fall apart (and stop taking care of ourselves and our children).  The blessing in this is when one of us is crumbling, the other tends to pick up the slack.  Praise the Lord!  What would happen if we were both wallowing in the valley?!?!

We're happy to say that most of the things in our apartment have been fixed.  We still miss our team members but we're more adjusted to less people on the team.  We've been able to find things like flour, powdered sugar and toilet paper. Butter is still somewhat of an issue, but when you have really great students you work with, they bring you some!

We've transitioned back into school with the kids.  While the project was here, we let that go.  It just become a low priority in the midst of exhaustion.  Noah especially loves doing school.  When we got his new school stuff, he was so excited and wanted to start doing it.  School, even though it can be a lot of work at times, can be really fun.  Noah has become a real person, asking real questions and it's so much fun to see what he's learning.

Leah is quite the diva.  She acts exactly like her mother at times!  She is stubborn in the things she wants.  But she's a great eater and loves to be around people.  Anytime one of us goes somewhere, she always wants to go.  She's a little social butterfly, always interacting with people.  In the last few months, she has began a shy phase when she first sees people but she gets over it pretty quickly generally.

We feel really blessed by how the kids are doing.  Sometimes it's easy for us to think about how we're doing and not really think about all of the transitions the kids have experienced over the past 9 months.  Every 3 or so months, we got to a random place for a visa trip.  We travel within Venezuela.  They don't really have friends (that they can talk to at least).  Some of their best friends are the team and students.  So these next couple of months will continue to be hard as the rest of the team leaves and the new team transitions in.

As the summer project was leaving, it dawned on us that we needed to talk more about not who was leaving, but rather we should talk about who was NOT leaving.  That has been fun for the kids, to think about who of our Venezuelan friends will not leave.  They will be around (for the most part) this summer.  The strike on campus has thrown that off a bit as students have choosen to go home, but some will remain.  And we hold on to that for our sweet little kiddos to have consistent people in their lives.  Of course they don't have to worry about their parents leaving also!!

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Kuch said...

Prayed for you guys to have a time of rest in the Lord this summer. That He would bring you into that sweet promised land of His Son and His enjoyment. That He would give you a vision and life this summer that would strengthen you for the coming year of ministry with your new team. Also, for His provision of friendship for the kids, our God works in ways that we don't understand and He can provide them with friends!