Friday, February 01, 2013

No more yelling?

I sometimes come across some interesting articles online. Some are helpful, some are thought-provoking and some are just for fun.  Today I came across this article on yelling.

I don't know that I like all of the alternatives, but the article is a good reminder of what my children (and I) need.  They don't need me to be setting the example that yelling is ok.  This article came at a perfect time because we just started talking this week about counting to 10 before we yell, cry, whatever.  That happens a lot around here.  Noah cries.  Leah screams.  I yell.  Either way, we need to count to 10.

As I sit and think about what I pass on to my kids, I want to consider what example I am setting for them.  They are both little tape recorders and sometimes that just breaks my heart.  Do I say that?  (Or maybe I can blame Bart?)  But sometimes my kids can be so sweet and I want to help them thrive on their innocence and not on frustration.  I want my kids to whisper when they are angry, partially because it helps control yelling/crying, but also because it's entertaining.  Have you ever tried being frustrated/having a fight with someone in a whisper?

As we prepare to have 30ish students at our apartment tonight for a leadership retreat, I can't help but think, how can I set a good example?  How can I be Christ to these students?  How can my kids be Christ to these students?  I'm not talking about behavior modification, but recognizing that Jesus loves me and he wants me to bask in that love.  And when you really love someone, do you yell at them?  Or do you welcome them into your heart and embrace them?  I want students to experience the love of Jesus through me and my children.  If I'm not discipling my kids, no one else will.  I would love for my kids to always surpass me in how they show grace and love to others.

This coming week we'll leave to go to the Dominican Republic.  We're hoping to find rest and enjoyment there. It will be sort of a mid-year conference mixed in with a visa trip.  I hope my kids can enjoy the time.  There will be a lot of travel time to and from there to only be there for three days, so it's a lot for our kids to handle.  Will you pray for them, that they handle the trip well?  I think these visa trips will always be a little bit challenging for them.  They don't understand why the transition is happening.  But we're hopeful that they will enjoy the time at the pool and the beach and the sleep that comes with those!

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