Friday, September 14, 2012

A Venezuelan Birthday

Today we celebrated Noah's 4th birthday!  It was pretty low-key.  We let him decide what to do, for the most part.  We did go to McDonalds for dinner as a special treat.  McDonalds here is a little expensive (167 Bs which is about $18.50 for our family, yikes!).  But we took a small video tonight capturing a little of Noah on his birthday.  Sorry the video is the greatest since it's dark out.  We really enjoyed celebrating him today.  The worst part of the day for him was when we sang to him this morning, he started to get really upset.  We weren't sure why, but then after asking what was wrong, he told us we sang to him with the wrong name.  We were supposed to sing to Cookie Monster.  :)  Long story short, he calls himself Cookie Monster quite frequently and talks like him.  Leah also goes by Elmo of course.

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