Friday, June 08, 2012

Home Alone

I'm home alone for the weekend. And that is honestly what I feel like.  What in the world am I supposed to do with myself?  I'm not even sure I know how to eat all by myself, it's been so long since I've done it.

Melissa took the kids to her mom and dad's for the weekend, mostly so I could have time to get a bunch of things done.  I appreciate it so much, as today has been super productive and fruitful.  I've read a ton, made a bunch of phone calls, and did quite a few other odds and ends that have been piling up, both with financial ministry partner development and just in general around the house.  Thanks babe, I love you a ton.

My Spanish is coming along slowly.  I'm liking the Rosetta Stone method though, it's pretty fun.  It's actually how we learned Azeri while in Azerbaijan (not with the Rosetta Stone, just the method) so it feels pretty natural.  I'm hoping that if I can just develop a pretty good base, once we step foot in country it will come pretty smoothly.  I'm sure I'll have hiccups but it's fun to get started.

I really hope the Celtics win tomorrow.  Call me a bitter Cleveland fan if you must but I do not want the Heat to win anything.  And I'm also pretty excited about Euro 2012.

I have a big day tomorrow with lots and lots of phone calls.  Would you mind praying for me?

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