Monday, January 02, 2012

A Dizzying December

We've been a bit all over the place.

We spent a week in early December in Xenia, OH taking our Systematic Theology II class from Crusade.
We spent a week at home.
We spent around a week with Melissa's mom and dad in Waynesfield, OH.
We spent around a week in Canton, OH with my mom and dad.
And we've just been in Indianapolis for about 5 days.

This is staff life, we've sort've just grown accustomed to it. We pack a lot, unpack a lot, and just feel as though we're constantly on the move. The kids were super excited to be home yesterday, even opting out of "pool time" at the hotel just to get home earlier.

The class was a good review from a class we took a few years ago when we joined staff. It's always refreshing and fun for both of us to study for a while and be challenging in our thinking. It was also pretty great (though not without a tinge of sadness) that we were without the kids for about 5 days. The week ended up being quite refreshing for that reason.

Being home for a bit in the middle of December was really pretty fun. We had much overdue family time to soak up so I think we went to Cosi two or three times and the Zoo lights at least once. We played lots of games, had lots of giggles, and had loads of tickling going on. This was just a fun week.

Visiting the families was nice, though not without its challenges. Noah and Leah just don't sleep quite as well as at home, so that always makes everybody a bit crankier. All in all, though, it was awesome to see the kids faces as they opened their gifts. Noah got lots of Cars things of course and Leah got girly stuff, obviously.

Christmas Conference was fun, as usual, but nutso with the kids. I think after having been with mama and papa nonstop for a few weeks straight made the kids dread childcare, which made for an interesting few days. We had quite a few late nights with students, so we're looking forward to a nap here in the next day or so.

Now we're back, and school is beginning tomorrow. We could use prayer for rest and refreshment.