Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We're in Venezuela!

Or as Noah likes to call it, Wenezuela.

Traveling wasn't a blast, but we figured it wouldn't be. The thing about our kids is that they have a hard time sleeping anywhere but in their bed/crib; Leah in particular. Noah actually did a pretty good job, considering.

We left from Capital City Church in Columbus about noon on Sunday for the airport. Our flight left at 3ish so we felt we had plenty of time, but we didn't account very well for the chaos that results from traveling with 30 people. Some people checked in but forgot to grab their boarding passes from the self check-in. Others were a bit frantic over their bags and the like. Others were just downright scared or anxious leaving the states for a month and a half. Eventually we made it, but with little time to eat. Our family scarfed down some chicken and fries in about 10 minutes while everyone else boarded and eventually we all made it.

They did pretty good the first flight--but having a lap child is not very much fun. What is especially not fun is that Leah is at that curious-I-want-to-crawl-everwhere-and-stick-everything-in-my-mouth stage so sitting on a plane with us holding here is not her idea of fun.

We arrived in Atlanta with everything and everyone we needed. We didn't have a long layover, only an hour, so we walked quickly to the next gate. The Atlanta flight was not so much fun. Noah decided it was a good time for his potty skills to completely evaporate and twice he peed in his pants. Changing entire outfits twice is not a fun thing on an airplane, especially with a whimpering, crying 2-year old. Towards the end of the 4+ hour flight, Noah just wanted to get off. "I want to be done with airplane." Leah was fussy for a while until she eventually fell asleep with Melissa holding her. It, of course, wasn't a restful sleep and she awoke every so often to let the people on the plane know she wasn't a very happy camper. We let Noah watch Cars on our computer just for sanity.

We trudged through the Caracas airport. As is pretty common in Venezuela, the bus that was coming to pick us up was about 30 minutes late so I think we boarded the bus and left around 1130 or so. The bus ride was ok, actually. Noah slept on me and Leah on Melissa and we each got a bit of sleep as well. Upon arrival in Valencia we dropped the girls apartment off first--but that was a bigger task then we thought. We had to make sure they were situated and comfortable and all that before we boarded the bus again to drop off the rest of the project at the hotel. The long wait was that the hotel clerk had to enter all 18 people staying there into the hotel with their passport info. That took quite a while with Melissa and the kids and Clay hanging on the bus the entire time. The kids were troopers really; it could have been much worse.

We eventually made it to our apartment and got our stuff situated. Leah was not ready to just be laid down after all that holding so she let us know all about her tough day. Even that, though, wasn't for very long--maybe 10 minutes. They got some sleep and we did as well. We awoke to the beginning of summer project in Valencia!

We'll post about our first few days soon, stay tuned for updates!


makenzie15.5 said...

I will now feel as if I am in VZ with you, though we know that is clearly not the case. you're great. miss the family and you all.

kuchdizzle88 said...

Miss all you guys already! Glad everyone is save and still has their sanity. Greater things have yet to come! Praying!